Dublin Zoo has officially introduced its latest birth, a baby male giraffe. 

The three-week-old giraffe is said to be thriving after settling in to life at the zoo.

Leo Oosterweghel, Director of Dublin Zoo, said the zoo was delighted with the new arrival to the now five-strong giraffe herd.

Close to 180cm when he was born, the calf is more than two metres tall.  When he reaches maturity, he can measure up to 5.5m high, just like his parents, Jenny and Robin.

The giraffe has a very big appetite, eating an average of 63kg of leaf twigs every day. Giraffes have adaptable joints at the top of their necks, which allows them to stretch their heads upwards to reach their food.

Dublin Zoo plans to hold a competition to decide a name for the new addition. Details will be announced in coming weeks.