The Green Party's Dan Boyle said there has been 'some movement' in the talks between his party and Fianna Fáil on the formation of a Government, which he described as 'workmanlike'.

Negotiations between Fianna Fáil and the Green Party have adjourned for the night.

Mr Boyle, one of the Green Party's negotiators, said the discussions had focused exclusively on policy, and had not yet dealt with how many cabinet positions the Greens might get, or with whether the Progressive Democrats would be involved.

He said they were trying to negotiate a Fianna Fáil/Green Programme for Government, and it was up to the Taoiseach to decide if he wanted to seek further support for that document.

Mr Boyle added that an agreement would either be reached tomorrow or not at all.

The Green Party has said there is now a 'sense of urgency' about the completion of talks with Fianna Fáil on the formation of a new Government because it has a convention on Sunday.

Fianna Fáil negotiator Seamus Brennan also said progress had been made, and expressed the hope that agreement could be reached tomorrow.

The negotiations are to resume at 11am.

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