12 countries have agreed to create a 7,500 km ring road around the Black Sea.

Economic cooperation is the main objective, but the road could bring much needed tourists - and their money - to new areas of Eurasia.

The foreign ministers of Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova and Serbia all agreed to the project at a conference of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) organisation.

Existing roads will be upgraded and linked up under the project.

12 trucks, one from each country, were sent to test the current state of roads and make recommendations.

'Road construction and rehabilitation is vital to build ties among the EU, Black Sea and Asian countries,' a BSEC statement read.

'The road is of extreme importance. It would facilitate economic cooperation and conflict resolution,' BSEC secretary general Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos added.

The route would travel through some hot spots including areas like Armenia, Turkey, and Georgia.

The cost of the project and date of completion were not set.

The BSEC represents a region with the second largest source of oil and natural gas and annual foreign trade of over €220bn.