The Health and Safety Authority will decide today whether they will launch a formal investigation into an incident at Funderland currently on at the Showgrounds in Cork.

Inspectors from the HSA were due to visit the site today after being contacted by local gardaí on Monday following an incident at the site.

Some 40 passengers were aboard The Frisbee - a ride which mimics the pendulum of a clock - when a metal gear cog weighing about 32kg (5 stone) snapped and fell from its housing to the ground.

No one was injured but several people were covered in oil.

Funderland's marketing manager John Magee in the Irish Examiner described it as a 'bad mechanical breakdown' and said it looked a lot worse than it actually was.

Mr Magee said they were carrying out their own investigation into what happened.

The ride was fully licensed and certified and had recently passed Government tests, according to Mr Magee.