A second international expert on children's health has said he was not involved in the decision to locate the new National Children's Hospital at a site near the Mater in Dublin.

Professor Alan Craft, former president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in Britain, was one of seven international experts consulted by the Task Force which recommended the Mater site.

Prof Craft said he did not see the Task Force report, nor was he involved in the decision on the best location for the new children's hospital.

In a letter to The Irish Times, Professor Craft gives details of a telephone conversation he had with the Task Force.

The purpose of the conversation was to discuss the parameters against which the decision could be made and, in particular, the other specialties which should ideally be co-located.

His comments reflect those of another of the experts consulted, Dr Mike Berman, paediatric cardiologist and former professor of paediatrics at the University of Maryland.