Gunmen including some 'wearing police uniforms' have stolen at least 1.25bn Iraqi dinars (€668,000) in cash in the second major robbery in central Baghdad in 10 days.

A police source said the men took the money from Industry Ministry employees who were picking up money for salaries from a bank in the Karrada district of Baghdad this morning.

Last week gunmen ambushed a security vehicle transporting money to the Central Bank and made off with more than €733,000 in cash.

A report from the US Department of Defence has indicated that the security situation in Iraq continued to deteriorate between mid-August and mid-November, with a 22% increase in attacks compared to the previous three months.

According to the Pentagon, coalition forces were the target of the bulk of the attacks, but the overwhelming majority of casualties were suffered by Iraqis.

The report said that sectarian violence has steadily increased despite meetings among Iraqi religious and tribal leaders.

Hussein trial views gassing videos

Graphic video footage, shot in April 1987 and May 1988, of what prosecutors described as a chemical attack against Kurdish civilians was shown at the trial of Saddam Hussein today.

Prosecutors also produced what they said was a top secret memo drawn up by top generals and addressed to the defence ministry in April 1988, charging that two attacks had been carried out by 'special ammunition'.

The court convened inside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone with the former Iraqi leader and his six co-defendants in the dock for the second consecutive day to listen to documentary evidence.

The defendants are accused of killing 182,000 Kurds in the late 1980s when government troops allegedly suppressed a Kurdish uprising by using artillery, air strikes, death camps and poison gas attacks.

Saddam Hussein has already been sentenced to death for his role in the execution of 148 Shias in the village of Dujail in revenge for an assassination attempt against him there in 1982.

His lawyers have filed an appeal against the sentence.