Protestors occupied the offices of Shell Ireland in Dublin this afternoon.

The protest began before 1pm when a group of about 20 protestors blocked the entrance to Shell Ireland headquarters on Adelaide Road.

Some protestors had taken up a position on a single-storey roof and around eight protestors occupied the company's reception area.

Gardaí attending the scene spoke with a number of protestors and the demonstration ended peacefully at around 2pm.

Protest continues in Co Mayo

About 100 members of the campaign group which is opposing the Corrib gas terminal in Co Mayo staged a further protest on the road leading to the site this morning.

A force of 100 gardaí moved in to clear the road as a convoy of vehicles taking workers to the site approached a narrow bridge a mile and a half from the main entrance.

The members of the Shell to Sea group were staging a sit-down protest on the road and reciting the rosary.

Gardaí succeeded in moving them to the side of the road and allowed the workers and the subsequent convoy of six construction trucks through. The operation lasted for about three quarters of an hour.

Gardaí say there was less confrontation from protestors than there had been during demonstrations earlier this week.

This latest wave of sit-down protests by Shell to Sea campaigners began on Tuesday of last week when workers returned to the terminal site where work had been at a standstill for over a year.

Independent Mayo TD supports gas field

The Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Micheál Martin, has said that protestors opposing the Corrib Gas Field off Co Mayo are sending out a very negative signal to other potential investors in the area.

He was responding to criticism from Independent Mayo TD Jerry Cowley, who claimed the minister was failing to bring jobs to Ballina, which he said was an unemployment 'black spot'.

Mr Cowley said he was not opposed to the Corrib Gas Field but wants the gas to benefit the people of Mayo which, he said, is currently not the case.

Mr Martin said he was happy that Mr Cowley had clarified his position on the gas field.