A Fianna Fáil councillor has said 'outrageous' bribery allegations by former lobbyist Frank Dunlop were causing strain to this family.

Cllr Tony Fox told the Mahon Tribunal today that Mr Dunlop's allegations were a total fabrication and he pointed out that Mr Dunlop had frequently changed his evidence.

Mr Fox denied receiving a £1,000 bribe from Mr Dunlop to support the rezoning of the Cargobridge lands near Dublin Airport for warehousing development in 1993.

He has told the Tribunal he cannot recall ever being lobbied about this rezoning by Mr Dunlop or by the owners of the land.

He said he supported the rezoning because he was pro-development.

Earlier, the tribunal heard that another former Fianna Fáil councillor, Cyril Gallagher, had denied receiving bribes from Mr Dunlop in correspondence with the enquiry before his death.

But today, the tribunal heard there had been no explanation for a £2,000 cash lodgement into Mr Gallagher's An Post account in November 1993.

Solicitor Thomas Montgomery, acting for the late Mr Gallagher, said there was no evidence that the £2,000 lodgement had been received improperly.

Mr Dunlop claims he bribed Mr Gallagher £1,000 to support Cargobridge.