A new opinion poll has shown that exactly half of the electorate want Bertie Ahern to continue as Taoiseach, compared to 29% who back Enda Kenny.

However, the poll in tomorrow's Sunday Tribune also shows that more people are dissatisfied with the way the Government is running the country than are satisfied.

Since the last Millward Brown IMS poll for the Sunday Tribune in November, there has been striking stability in support for the various parties.

Fianna Fáil is still unchanged at 37% and Fine Gael is up two to 26%.

Labour at 12%, the PDs at 4% and the Greens on 5% are all unchanged; while Sinn Féin on 8% and others on 9% are both down one point.

The poll found that 52% of voters were dissatisfied with the Government's performance, compared to 43% who were satisfied.

When asked who they wanted as Taoiseach, exactly 50% of the electorate opted for Bertie Ahern, while 29% chose the Fine Gael leader. 14% wanted neither and 7% did not know.