The Alliance for Choice has called for abortion to be legalised in Ireland following the publication of statistics which show that each day, 15 Irish women travel to Britain to have an abortion.

The figures were published by Britain’s Department of Health. The total figure for 2005 is 5,585 women. The figure is a decrease of 632 compared to figures for 2004.

Sian Muldowney, Alliance for Choice spokeswoman said: 'Ireland needs to face up to its responsibility to Irish men and women to provide a comprehensive sex education strategy, a national sexual health services strategy and safe and legal abortion in Ireland.

'5,585 women are still forced to travel to Britain to obtain an abortion, legal in Britain since 1967, whilst the Taoiseach still refuses to follow the advice of the Supreme Court and legislate for the X case as a minimum.'

Alliance for Choice is a national grassroots organisation seeking to campaign for safe and legal abortion in Ireland.