A Dublin man has been convicted at the Circuit Criminal Court of involvement in the shooting and robbery of publican Charlie Chawke in October 2003.

Larry Cummins, from Mellows Road, Finglas, was convicted of intentionally causing harm to Mr Chawke, robbing him of over €48,000 in cash, and possession of a shotgun with intent to commit robbery and resist arrest. He will be sentenced in July.

During the trial Cummins had instructed his legal team not to cross-examine witnesses or offer any defence. He discharged his lawyers prior to the closing speeches to the jury.

Mr Chawke, the owner of the Goat Grill, was shot in the leg during the armed robbery by Cummins and a second man, who has yet to face trial. Five days after the shooting his right leg was amputated.

Today the trial Judge Frank O'Donnell commended the swift response of the three unarmed gardaí who pursued and arrested Cummins and the other man.