One of the main loyalist paramilitary organisations, the Ulster Volunteer Force, has indicated it will not definitively decide on ending its campaign before political talks conclude at Stormont on 24 November. 

In an interview with this afternoon's Belfast Telegraph newspaper, the UVF leadership expressed concern about the Plan B options being discussed by the two governments if attempts to revive the Assembly fail.

In an interview, a UVF spokesman indicated the UVF was in favour of what he called an 'internal settlement'.

Asked about the IRA, the spokesman acknowledged that significant changes had taken place but said that politics could be war by another means.

Pressed about atrocities such as the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings, the UVF says in 1994 the organisation had expressed abject and true remorse for such incidents.

The interview was conducted by Brian Rowan, a well-known Northern Ireland journalist who specialises in security affairs.