A new survey has found that litter levels in Dublin are 12% higher than for the rest of country.

The Irish Business Against Litter study also found variations of litter levels between the suburbs in Dublin.

While Dublin is a gateway for up to 70% of visitors to Ireland, only five of the 20 Dublin areas surveyed were deemed 'litter-free', and cleanliness levels were 12% behind the national average.

The study found the suburbs of Clontarf, Dalkey, Killiney and Howth were the cleanest in Dublin. Ballymun, Mulhuddart and Clondalkin were named the dirtiest areas.

Over one third of the areas surveyed were found to be 'seriously littered', including the city centre, Tallaght and Malahide.

The study also notes that fast food wrappers, plastic bags and ATM receipts form the largest composition of litter in Dublin.

Irish Business Against Litter hopes that the survey will force councils into tackling the many litter blackspots throughout the city.