Anti-war campaigners have established a peace camp on the outskirts of Shannon Airport to protest at the continued use of the airport by US troops and military planes.

Campaigners say the camp has been established to mark the third anniversary of the first peace camp there, and the start of the US war in Iraq in January 2003.

A group of around 30 people, members of a group calling itself 'Na Cosantóirí Siochana' have set up the camp.

They have brought food and other supplies and plan to spend the night there.

They are calling on the Government to observe the obligations that accompany Ireland’s neutrality, and stop the practice of allowing US military planes, as well as civilian planes carrying US troops to the Gulf, to stop at Shannon.

Recent figures show that 330,000 US troops passed through Shannon last year, over 900 a day and more than double the number which passed through the airport in 2004.