Two opinion polls for Sunday newspapers tomorrow show a continued increase in support for Fine Gael.    

One survey for the Sunday Tribune found support for Fianna Fáil has dropped by 4%. However, the other poll in the Sunday Business post shows a modest increase in those backing the party.

Both polls reflected the continuing rise in Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny's fortunes.  

In the Millward Brown IMS poll for the Tribune, Fine Gael are up 5% to 24,  and in the Red C survey for the Business Post support is up 2% to 27.

There is little change in the support levels for the other parties which may disappoint Sinn Féin in particular in the wake of the IRA decision to disarm.

While on these figures the next election seems wide open, it is 18 months away and the IMS poll shows Fianna Fáil’s Bertie Ahern remains the most popular leader with a 51% satisfaction rating.