The death has been announced of veteran Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal. 

The announcement was made on the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's website. He was 96 and passed away in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

In a campaign aimed at ensuring the world did not forget the terrors of the Third Reich, Mr Wiesenthal brought 1,100 Nazi war criminals to trial.

Among them was Adolf Eichmann, the man entrusted by Adolf Hitler with carrying out the Nazi genocide programme against Jews.

Altogether the Nazis are estimated to have murdered 11 million civilians, including six million Jews.

Mr Wiesenthal, born in 1908 in what is now Ukraine, travelled the world into his old age, lecturing on the Holocaust. He was also director of the Jewish Documentation Centre and collected data on the whereabouts of the last unpunished criminals of Nazi Germany.

Himself a Jew and former concentration camp inmate, Mr Wiesenthal founded the Jewish Documentation Centre in his post-war home in Austria. There he built up an information network which he used to uncover and pin evidence on those responsible for World War Two atrocities.