The pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has reported a second incident at its plant in Cork to the Environmental Protection Agency.

The latest incident happened last Saturday when there was a spillage of 400 litres of a 25% caustic solution during a loading operation. According to the company, the solution was captured by a retention pond on site. 

The incident was reported by fax to the EPA two days later and an investigation is under way.

This latest report comes as residents in the Cork harbour area gave a cautious welcome to the decision by the EPA to post on its website anything reported to it.

The spillage on Saturday was one of the first incidents to be reported by the EPA on its website (

In the past, the EPA would only inform the public if there was immediate danger but following recent criticism it decided to change its procedures.

The second incident which is being investigated occurred on the Gradoge River in the vicinity of the Dairygold Milk Processing plant at Mitchelstown.