National Toll Roads has published West-Link traffic figures for the first half of 2005.

The figures show that between January and June traffic at West-Link increased by 3.9% to an average 85,000 vehicles per day.

Between Monday and Friday, average daily traffic was running at 98,000. 24 June was the busiest day, with more than 101,000 vehicles, while the busiest hour was on 3 June with 7,446 vehicles passing through the plaza.     

An M50 Operational Assessment Report, undertaken by UK transport consultants MVA, has found that the majority of delays on the M50 are caused by the limited capacity of the motorway and the design of the interchanges, not the toll plaza itself.    

Mike Slinn, Director of MVA said: 'We found that the delays on the motorway are caused by congestion on the motorway generally and not the toll plaza.

'The lack of capacity on the existing motorway and the design of the interchanges, combined with high traffic volumes, determine journey time and not the toll plaza. We believe, therefore, that the removal of the toll plaza would not improve the capacity of the M50.'