The Italian Government has released its report on the shooting dead last March of Nicola Calipari, the agent who was fired on by a US patrol as he accompanied a freed Italian hostage to Baghdad Airport.

The report acknowledges that the shooting of Mr Calipari was not intentional.

However, it has criticised the US military for the way it organised the roadblock where the shooting of the 51-year-old agent took place.

The report argued that the US troops 'fired out of inexperience and because of the tension'.

It also differs from the report of the US military on several points, including communication between the Italians and US forces in the hours before the incident.

The report of the US military inquiry exonerated the troops of any wrongdoing.

Earlier today, classified sections of the US report were published in Italian newspapers. 

The report had been censored by the US Department of Defence on Saturday with passages blacked out.

However, a student at the University of Bologna found he was able to restore the censored sections. 

Mr Calipari died in the incident on 4 March while escorting Italian journalist Giuliana Segrena to safety after she had spent over a month in captivity.

The 57-year-old journalist was wounded in the incident.