The President of the Irish Equestrian Federation, Avril Doyle, has said it is up to Cian O'Connor to decide whether to appeal the decision to strip him of his Olympic gold medal.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio, she also criticised the International Equestrian Federation for what she called the unprofessional way it dealt with the case.

She said she would be happy to see Cian O'Connor try out for Irish showjumping teams in the future.

The International Equestrian Federation found that his horse, Waterford Crystal, had two banned substances in its system during the games. 

The judicial committee - based in Zurich - last night disqualified the 25-year-old Co Kildare rider from all competitions relating to the games and banned him for three months. 

Mr O'Connor has again said he did done nothing wrong.

He said he was delighted that the sports body had accepted that neither he nor his vet were involved in any deliberate attempt to affect the performance of his horse.

O'Connor and his legal team are considering whether to lodge an appeal against the decision.