A meeting of Wicklow County Council has concluded after council members dealt with eight of 17 controversial rezoning decisions.

All 17 decisions had been made against planning advice.

Only two proposals have been rescinded, with the other six either passed in full, modified or withdrawn.

The council is due to resume discussions on the remaining nine on 1 November.

A proposal to rezone 60 acres of land in East Wicklow for a huge film studio was voted down.

Councillors had rezoned 172 acres near Ashford in part because of suggestions that Ardmore Film Studios was intending to move. Ardmore later declared it had no such intention.

The council meeting was suspended for a time this afternoon after it emerged that the Green Party councillor Deirdre De Búrca was tape-recording the meeting without permission.

Miss De Burca told the meeting she was doing it for her own protection after several intimidating meetings in which she was called a 'pathological liar'.

She said she did not realise it was against Standing Orders to record without permission.

Fianna Fáil councillors described her actions as appalling and absolutely reprehensible.

The tape recording device was handed over to the councillors’ caretaker and the meeting continued after several minutes of heated exchanges.