The Moriarty Tribunal has begun hearing evidence on the purchase of the Doncaster Rovers football ground by Irish businessman Denis O'Brien in 1998.

Two English solicitors had linked former minister Michael Lowry to the deal, however one solicitor has since said he was mistaken.

Both Mr O'Brien and Mr Lowry deny that the former minister has any connection with the purchase, which was worth over £4 million.

In 1998, Mr O'Brien was involved in the purchase of the football ground - he has told the Moriarty Tribunal that the purchase involved no other party.

However, the tribunal, which heard an opening statement on the issue today, has heard that English solicitor Christopher Vaughan, who was involved in the purchase, wrote to Mr Lowry at the time saying that he had not, until then, appreciated Mr Lowry's involvement in the deal.

Mr Lowry has denied any involvement, and Mr Vaughan has since said that he was mistaken in his original belief that Mr Lowry was involved, and that the letter was never posted.

The tribunal has also heard that a second solicitor, Ruth Collard, who was involved in mediating a dispute between the sellers and the purchasers of the ground, attended a meeting on the issue that was also attended by Denis O'Connor, Mr Lowry's accountant.

The tribunal heard that Mr O’Connor represented to Ms Collard that Mr Lowry had some connection to the transaction.

However, Mr O'Connor has told the tribunal that there was a considerable misunderstanding on Ms Collard’s part, and that he did not suggest that Mr Lowry had an involvement with the Doncaster deal.

The tribunal is due to hear witnesses on the issue from next Tuesday.