Despite months of bad publicity about overcharging and tax evasion, the country's largest bank, AIB, has gained customers from its competitors for loans and deposits.

The bank's interim results published today show profits up 10% to almost €5.4m for every working day.

AIB Chief Executive Michael Buckley thanked small shareholders for their loyalty and insisted it was tabloid to suggest AIB's strong profits came from ripping off its customers.

Mr Buckley earlier told RTÉ News he would not be retiring early and that he is due to retire in two years' time.

He said he did not think he would lose his job as CEO if adverse findings against senior management were contained in the second report of the investigation into overcharging at the bank.

The report, expected in September, will examine how the overcharging on foreign exchange transactions persisted for over eight years and who was responsible for the lapse.