The rock star and campaigner Bono has told a meeting of EU ministers that they must do more to help alleviate the problems of the developing world.

Speaking at a meeting in Dublin Castle of the Development Ministers of all 25 EU member states, he said it is not about charity anymore but justice.

The U2 singer said some countries, including Ireland, had lived up to their promise to commit 0.7% of their national incomes to help alleviate poverty and disease in Africa. But he added that others, such as Britain and France, are dragging their heels.

Despite rumours to the contrary, Bono also said that there are no plans for Live Aid 2.

The Minister of State for Development, Tom Kitt, who was chairing today's meeting, said the EU is still the biggest donor of development aid in the world.

This afternoon, ministers were discussing how the EU should deal with the problems facing refugees fleeing the Darfur region of western Sudan.