Thousands of opposition supporters staged a noisy demonstration in Taipei today following disputed elections narrowly won by President Chen Shui-bian.

They accused President Chen of staging last week's assassination attempt on him to swing the elections in his favour.

The protestors said they planned to camp out overnight to maintain the pressure, undeterred by rain, with organisers promising them they would be joined in the vigil by all opposition lawmakers.

The High Court in Taiwan earlier ordered that all ballot boxes be sealed after calls for a recount in yesterday's presidential election there.

Around 330,000 ballots were rejected during the election count, three times the number of spoiled ballots in the previous poll four years ago.

The president's margin of victory was so slim, less than 30,000 votes, that the nationalist party has asked the courts to order the central election committee to hold a recount.

The legal arguments will probably not be heard until after the weekend.