Sinn Féin has said it remains opposed to activity such as last night's attempted abduction by the Provisional IRA in Belfast.

A dissident republican, Bobby Tohill, was taken to hospital with injuries after police found him in a van with four men dressed in boiler suit style clothing.

The PSNI stopped a car with five men in it in the Castle Street area of the city just before 6pm yesterday evening.

Tohill had been drinking in a nearby bar before he was reported to have been abducted.

Speaking on RTE radio, Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, called on republicans to face up to the issue of paramilitarism.

The Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny also said there was no place for paramilitarism on this island.

The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, said brave moves were now required to end paramilitary activity for good.

Earlier the North's Chief Constable, Hugh Orde, confirmed that the Provisional IRA was involved in the incident.