The Department of Health has confirmed it is reviewing its policy on stimulant drinks following a decision by the European Court of Justice to uphold the French ban on the high caffeine drink, Red Bull.

The food safety promotion board, Safefood, is consulting with the Department on the issue, and is recommending that Red Bull be labelled unsuitable for children under 16, pregnant women and people sensitive to caffeine.

A spokesman for Red Bull said it would be complying with new EU rules which mean that, from July, drinks with a caffeine content greater than 150mg per litre must be labelled ‘high caffeine content'.

The company says its product is already labelled 'not suitable for diabetics, children and persons sensitive to caffeine'. The company also claims that one can of the energy drink contains the equivalent amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

A company statement said Red Bull is sold in 100 countries worldwide, including 13 of the 15 EU member states. The drink is not sold in France or Denmark.