An opinion poll published today shows that support for the Government and for Fianna Fáil has plummeted since the general election.

The MRBI poll in this morning's Irish Times also shows that satisfaction with Bertie Ahern is down 19 points at 51 per cent, its lowest level since he became leader of Fianna Fáil.

Indications are that dissatisfaction with the Government may increase the chances of a second rejection of the Nice Treaty in the referendum in three weeks' time.

37 per cent of those polled said they will vote Yes in the referendum while 25 per cent will vote No.

However, the 32 per cent who are still undecided will determine the outcome.

IBEC concerned over implications for Nice Treaty

The business group, IBEC, has said the poll findings illustrate how important it is, for what it termed "pro-European people" who favour enlargement, to vote in the referendum.

IBEC said it did not want "anti-European protestors" to win by default.