Floods are continuing to threaten towns and cities across Central Europe.

The German City of Dresden is said to be suffering its worst flooding in more than a century, while the danger in Prague appears to be receding.

Officials say 3,000 people have been evacuated from parts of the historic city which is already flooded waist-deep in places.

Many more people have been evacuated from other German towns which are expecting another surge of water from rivers inside the Czech Republic.

In the Czech capital, Prague, the River Vltava is now 25 feet above its normal level. While Prague's Old Town has been spared, other areas in the city's historic centre remain under water.

Donations to help the flood relief operation in the Czech Republic can be sent to: The Irish Czech and Slovak Society, AIB Blackrock, (sort code 93-36-78), Account number: 239 05 394.

The Irish Government has promised €200,000 in emergency humanitarian assistance for the Czech Republic following the floods.

In a letter to the Czech Prime Minister, the Taoiseach expressed Ireland's sympathy and solidarity in the aftermath of the tragic loss of life in the flooding.