A controversial proposal to build a waste incinerator in the south east has been backed by three of the six local authorities in the region. The waste management strategy for the south east includes proposals on recycling, landfills and incineration amongst other things.

The strategy proposes that an incinerator be sited somewhere in the south east within six years.

Carlow and Kilkenny County Councils have now voted overwhelmingly in favour of the strategy, including incineration, as has Waterford Corporation.

Wexford County Council deferred its vote until 8 July while South Tipperary is due to vote on the matter next week. Waterford County Council has voted against the plan, but the county manager there has powers to overturn that decision.

Environmental groups across the region say they will oppose vigorously the incineration aspect of the strategy. Waste management strategies for each local authority and region in the country must by law be voted on by 17 July.