The remains of a County Sligo born man, who died in the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York, have been recovered. Kieran Gorman, who was in his 30s, was working on a construction project in the towers at the time of the attacks on 11 September.

He was at the top of the complex when the second plane hit. Mr Gorman had just started a construction job at the World Trade Centre. His remains had never been recovered until this week.

The Irish consulate in New York says that it has been informed that remains found at Ground Zero this week are those of Mr Gorman. It is believed identification was made through dental records.

Mr Gorman had two sons. A third son was born to his wife Anne just before Christmas. Less than one third of those killed at the World trade Centre have been confirmed dead but remains are still being discovered every week.

Meanwhile, prosecutors in New York say that 23 people have been charged with trying to steal funds meant for the families of people killed in the 11 September attack.

They are accused of falsely claiming that family members had died so they could claim money from charities and other agencies.

Authorities said that 15 of the defendants, who had filed false death certificates, had received a total of more than €750,000. The other eight had been arrested before they had received any money.