Bushfires in the eastern Australian state of New South Wales continued to burn out of control for a second day. The state's fire commissioner has warned that the emergency could last ten days.

One blaze has spread to parkland inside one of Sydney's northwestern suburbs. There have been no reports of death or serious injury in any of the more than 100 bushfires that have raged across New South Wales since yesterday.

The fires have destroyed an estimated 140 homes and closed highways while a number of towns have been evacuated. It is the worst summer outbreak since 1994 when four people died and 185 homes were destroyed near Sydney.

Meanwhile, the authorities say that they are making progress in finding those responsible for lighting fires. Emergency workers from other states have reinforced the 5,000 firefighters already on the ground. Dozens of firefighters have been treated for smoke inhalation.

At least 20 areas in New South Wales have been declared disaster zones including the western and southern outskirts of Sydney. Hundreds of volunteers have been called up to help fight the fires.

Aircraft, which are bombarding the area with water from above, have only had limited success, as strong winds and soaring temperatures make the situation worse.