The United Nations Security Council has voted unanimously for a resolution ordering all foreign forces out of the Democratic Republic of Congo. No deadline was set for the withdrawal but the resolution demanded that Rwanda and Uganda withdraw all their forces without delay, and it said other countries should do likewise. Rwanda and Uganda support rebel groups opposed to the Congolese President, Laurent Kabila, while Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe support his regime.

Ugandan troops began withdrawing from the northeastern city of Kisangani, a Ugandan military spokesman said today, predicting that the pull out will take seven days to complete.

Rwandan forces had almost completely withdrawn from Kisangani, but accused Uganda of reinforcing its positions. Cabinet director Theogene Rudasingwa also criticised the terms of the UN resolution for failing to guarantee the implementation of the Lusaka peace accord, signed last year by the warring parties in the DRC.

More than 160 civilians were killed in crossfire and more than 1,000 were wounded during fighting between Rwandan and Ugandan troops in Kisangani earlier this month. The violence began on June 5 and ended when Rwandan forces drove the Ugandans from the city centre after six days of fighting. The upsurge in fighting led to the UN Security Council yesterday voting a resolution demanding all foreign ordering all foreign forces out of Kisangani "immediately and completely."