TDs have expressed their concern at this morning's announcement that a proposed incinerator for Dublin's rubbish should be located in the Poolbeg peninsula. Local Fianna Fáil TD, Eoin Ryan, said that Ringsend already had a sewage treatment plant and a power station. He said that it is not a case of "Not In My Back Yard", but a case of the Ringsend's back yard being full. The Green Party TD, John Gormley, said that the Green party was the only party to put and amendment opposing incineration when the waste management strategy was adopted by the four Dublin local authorities.

The plan by waste management consultants to tackle the waste crisis involves 60% recycling, 25% thermal treatment or incineration and just 15% landfill. Ten sites were considered for the thermal treatment, but the Poolbeg peninsula was chosen for further examination because it is in an existing industrial area with no houses within one kilometre of the site.

The plan also recommends a biological treatment plant for vegetable, fruit and garden waste and the extension of Baleally landfill until new landfill sites can be found. The preferred site for the biological treatment plant is in Fingal along the M50 motorway.