Divers have found the bodies of John F. Kennedy's wife, Carolyn, and her sister Lauren Bessette. The discovery comes hours after his body was found in the wreckage of his single engine aircraft, which crashed into the sea about eight miles off the coast of Martha's Vinyard on Friday night. Work is underway to recover the bodies. Earlier, Senator Edward Kennedy and his two sons boarded a United States Coast Guard vessel in Massachusetts. They were believed to be heading to the spot where the bodies were found.

The dramatic discovery of JFK Jnr.'s body was made late last night using a camera mounted on a remote controlled underwater vehicle. That was operated by the naval vessel USS Grasp. The ship was positioned about seven miles of the southwest tip of Martha's Vineyard, where investigators believe John Kennedy's plane hit the water. This evening, divers are due in the water in an attempt to recover wreckage and the bodies of JFK Junior, his wife and sister-in-law.

That search is now the top priority for searchers, according to officials of the national transportation safety board. There has been no reaction yet from the Kennedy family, they had been planning a memorial service in New York later this week. However, President Clinton is expected to make a statement about the death of JFK Junior later tonight.

John F. Kennedy Jnr. was relatively inexperienced in flying the Piper, which he bought in April, and he may have lost control of the aircraft in bad visibility. New radar information indicated yesterday that the plane might have fallen faster than 1,500 meters per minute. Aviation experts described this as a terrifyingly sharp decline, more than 10 times faster than a normal descent.