The supermarket chain Tesco Ireland has confirmed that it has initiated a comprehensive check on its prices in all of its stores to ensure that discrepancies do not arise. This follows a report by the independent retailers group RGDATA which contained allegations of overcharging customers. The report shows that customers in six Tesco stores were overcharged by an average of 3% on some items last week.

In a statement today, Tesco said that any incident of incorrect pricing on products is unacceptable and it takes any such incidents very seriously. It said that during a transition to new checkout systems this year, it appears that a larger than usual number of price inaccuracies may have arisen, but these are being steadily eliminated.

Tesco said that it operates a policy of automatically reimbursing customers on a "no quibble" basis when incidences of overcharging are discovered. The company has given an undertaking to the director of consumer affairs that the situation will be sorted out speedily.