Controversy has arisen in Limerick over moves to overturn a decision to name a new bridge after the late Jim Kemmy. People living close to the Abbey River want the bridge named after their local river. But the Labour Party in the city says the decision to call it after Jim Kemmy should stand.

The Abbey River in Limerick is a tributary of the Shannon, and is associated with one of the city's most historic locations. An extensive new road network in the area is now almost completed and it will include a new bridge over the Abbey River. Limerick Corporation decided unanimously last April to name the bridge after the late Jim Kemmy, the former Labour TD and Mayor of the city. However local people are saying they want it called the Abbey Bridge, in recognition of their ancestors who for centuries fished the Abbey River.

The Labour Party is angry that a decision already unanimously agreed by the city council could be changed. Now the city's Mayor has got involved having received a deputation from local people about the decision. It looks like the decision will now have to be revisited.