This is just the cutest  –  little mini heart pizzas for my little loves for Valentine's Day.


Toppings: Cheese - fresh Irish buffalo mozzarella, mixed with some grated mozzarella.

  • We have some amazing Irish cured meats too which are just delicious. They are packed with flavour so a little goes along way. Always try to add a vegetable or a new food to taste. 
  • In my world no food is off the table –  food is just food! There are no good foods or bad foods  – we make everything from scratch, I buy the best quality ingredients we can afford and we enjoy every little bite we share.


Here are some of my tips : 
Base: Use a good quality homemade pizza base dough, just roll out, using a knife cut out a heart shape and top! 

Sauce: No need for pre-made sauces – just use a squeeze of tomato puree, a pinch of sugar and a pinch of dried oregano for that real Italian flavour.

Toppings: I like to allow my pizza toppings principles to take inspiration from the authentic Italian pizza - not overloaded.

Too much processed meat is not altogether good for our health so try to scatter the pepperoni or chorizo thinly.