Paul McDonald from Bastion's Soring Barley Risotto.


  • Peas
  • Onion
  • Asparagus
  • Morel mushroom
  • Hegarty’s cheddar 
  • 80g cooked barley 
  • 120g onion stock or veg stock
  • 20g onion puree( optional) 
  • 20g butter 
  • 5/6 Pickled onion cups 
  • Tablespoon chopped parsley 
  • Cheddar cheese shavings 
  • 3 Balanced asparagus spear
  • 3 morels or any other  mushroom 


  1. Add a little butter and oil to the pan when foaming add the chopped morels, allow cook until wilted.
  2. Add barley and stock to the pot, reduce down until almost all gone.
  3. Add onion purée (if using) and butter. Stir with wooden spoon until comes together and is a risotto consistency.
  4. Add chopped parsley and check seasoning is to taste, add asparagus 
  5. Pour onto a plate and finish with some pickled onion cups, Hegarty’s cheddar shavings, and a little parsley 

Barley is a lot more forgiving than rice so much easier to make a risotto from with rice you have seconds between perfect and poor with barley you can have lots of time.

Paul McDonald from Bastion's Soring Barley Risotto.