Bohemian Rhapsody may have won four Oscars last weekend, but the real success of the Queen biopic has just been revealed. "Freddie" has entered the top 100 most popular names for Irish newborns in 2018. 

This comes as the annual Baby Names list is released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) this morning, an analysis of the most popular names given to newborns in a given year as registered to the state. It has been running since 1998 and people still go gaga for it. 

Jack held onto the top spot for boys' names for the 11th year

The most popular names in 2018 were Jack and Emily for boys and girls, respectively. Jack held onto the top spot once again, having held it every year since 2007, except for 2016 when James briefly shouldered in to first place. 

James, Noah, Conor and Daniel rounded out the five most popular names for boys in 2018.

Freddie, Theodore and Frankie were new entries for boys, while Ada, Ivy, Bonnie and Bella were new entries for girls. 

Emily was the most popular girls' name for the 8th year

Emily was the most popular name for girls yet again, having held the top spot since 2011, followed by Grace, Emma, Sophie and Amelia in the top five names for girls. 

The top 20 names for both boys and girls are included below, and you can find the full list on the CSO website.  

Top 20 most popular names for boys

  1. Jack 
  2. James 
  3. Noah 
  4. Conor 
  5. Daniel 
  6. Harry 
  7. Luke 
  8. Michael 
  9. Adam 
  10. Charlie
  11. Liam 
  12. Thomas 
  13. Seán 
  14. Fionn 
  15. Oisín
  16. Alex 
  17. Cillian 
  18. Finn 
  19. Patrick

Top 20 most popular names for girls

  1. Emily 
  2. Grace 
  3. Emma 
  4. Sophie 
  5. Amelia 
  6. Ella 
  7. Ellie 
  8. Mia 
  9. Ava 
  10. Fiadh
  11. Hannah 
  12. Anna 
  13. Lucy 
  14. Olivia
  15. Lily 
  16. Chloe 
  17. Aoife 
  18. Kate 
  19. Sadie 
  20. Saoirse