The Galway energy-efficient car or Geec 2.0 is taking part in the 2016 Shell Eco-Marathon Europe – a contest which sees teams compete for the title of most energy efficient in six fuel classes and two vehicle categories. 

It is the second year that the students from Galway have entered the competition.

Last year the team came 23rd out of 51 taking part in the battery electric prototype category of the competition.

That car was capable of driving with an efficiency equivalent to 8,000 miles per gallon - a performance which would enable it to travel from Galway to Dublin for just 13 cents worth of electricity.

This year the team of 19 undergraduates from the university is hoping to improve on that position.

They have redesigned elements of the vehicle to reduce its weight, improve its aerodynamics and optimise its electric drive train.

The driver has also undergone further training and the team has been involved in data gathering and analysis at Mondello Park International Racing Circuit.