For over 40 years the Toyota Corolla has been one of Ireland's most popular cars; reliable, stylish and good value for money, it's no wonder that Irish families have made this their go-to vehicle.

The impact the Corolla has had on the car industry is immeasurable. Available in 154 countries, built in 16 - it's the best selling car nameplate not only here but on the planet - now that's something to boast about. The Corolla is like a family heirloom, with its loyalty being handed down from generation to generation, Corolla owners are probably the proudest on the road. It's appeal as a global car is not only down to its reliability but also is rooted in its product philosophy set forth by Tatsuo Hasegawa, the first Corolla chief engineer, who sought "to develop a car that brings happiness and well-being to people around the world."

As a result of years on the market satisfying people's needs, this consumer favourite has developed and adapted to its environment and the times we live in. We all know someone who has a Corolla, who gives it a name like Penny or Velvet and talks about it as if it's a member of the family, and swears by it for its efficiency, affordability and as they say 'never giving a moment's trouble'.

Now this iconic automobile is embracing another transformation as it marks its 47th year on the market. The 11th generation Corolla will make its premiere in Ireland at the end of the month and there's plenty to be excited about for those who've been loyal to the brand and those looking to find out what all the fuss is about.

The Corolla has been re-designed utilising Toyota's expertise and skill and of course building on the model's legendary quality. The result of this is the All New Corolla, with a fresh new range of exciting design features and technical innovations, including and in short:

  • A more sophisticated and contemporary design
  • Best in class fuel economy
  • Enhanced driving dynamics and class leading safety features
  • Toyota touch system with 6.1" full colour touch screen multimedia system
  • Rear reversing camera
  • Bluetooth
  • More legroom - 5 adults can travel in comfort

Image is so important to the consumer now-a-days and with this model, Toyota have excelled aesthetically and are making a very strong design statement. There's many stylish influences both inside and out. The front grill boasts LED headlamps and an impressive appearance. Inside the dash looks much more premium and modern than the previous generation Corolla.

Space is also a key change in the new model with it boasting a much more spacious passenger cabin, courtesy of nearly 100mm longer wheelbase, which the makers say helps offer a rear seat area that is 2.95 inches longer than the previous model.
Toyota's engineers have also worked to make the cabin quieter, road and engine sounds mitigated by an acoustic glass windscreen, improved floor carpet insulation, and a more effective instrument panel seal among other things.

And that’s music to the ears of parents with young children trying to sleep on long journeys.

With fuel prices always on the rise, as a driver you are always looking for a vehicle that's economical and not going to cost the earth if you're going on a long or short journey. The new Corolla ticks all those boxes, with best-in-class fuel economy and C02 emissions.

Other changes worth highlighting include the use of lightweight, high-strength steel to help keep the vehicle's weight down. And since safety is so important to Toyota and the consumer, the latest model list 7 airbags plus including a driver's knee airbag.

So with less than a few weeks to go before the new Corolla takes to the road, there's no doubt that this legendary car will remain appealing to the current consumer and loyal owners while certainly helping the world's most popular vehicle grow in popularity with youthful and demanding buyers.

When you get behind the wheel of Corolla, you feel responsible, practical, genuine and in-control - don't believe us, then ask one of the more than 40 million owners who have made this car a big part of their lives.

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