Adam is a cute four-seat city car that is aimed at the young and the young at heart. Opel Adam demonstrates the German firm's desire to be more relevant to a fun and fashion conscious marketplace.

Adam is highly adaptable in terms of interior and exterior colour and trim combinations. Its body is shorter than a MINI and a little wider, but, more importantly, it is going to be quite a bit cheaper when it arrives in Spring 2013.

Adam is all about style and customisation with the driving experience lower down the priorities. That said, it does drive well but falls short of delivering a MINI-like exciting driving experience.

At the European launch 40 Adams were available to us to test drive and no two were identical! The pint-sized hatchback has street presence and is the most interesting Opel exterior design since Insignia. Unlike MINI and the FIAT 500, Adam is not inspired by a car from the past, despite it sharing its name with Adam Opel, the company founder. Adam was drawn from a blank page (in as much as that is possible).

So, what is under the skin? At 3.7 metres long two-door Adam is slightly shorter than the more functional Opel Agila and uses bits and pieces from the Corsa and Astra to make a unique floor plan. For the moment, Opel says it has no plans do a diesel version, so for now power comes from a couple of petrol engines with modest performance. A more performance-based engine is in development and will be available in Adam in the future. But, really, what lies under the skin is going to be far from the thoughts of the target market.

Opel tells us that Adam is by a long shot the most 'customisable' car you can buy. There are countless exterior colour, wheel and trim combinations available plus inside the cabin the level of individualisation is impressive. Adam 'Glam', 'Slam' and 'Jam' are start-off points in terms of the overall look of your Adam. So no dull GLX or Club badges to be found on the body.

Behind the wheel is a nice place to be. The cabin is fresh and modern with a good deal of equipment and toys available – including a choice of roof-linings! My favourite is the sky lining. Up front it is comfy for two adults with very tight seating in the back and a pretty small boot, which can be made even smaller if you upgrade the audio system with a subwoofer!

Opel is making a real effort to brighten up quite a dull image with its Adam. With prices expected to start around the €15,000 mark it will be down to PCP and finance offers to get buyers into the funky little car.

The front-wheel drive, petrol-powered car is due in Ireland next March.

This time it will be Adam that is tempting Eve – sorry, I couldn't resist!

Michael Sheridan