What Planet Are You On?'s Dr Brian Kelleher, the Chair of the degree in Environmental Science and Technology, School of Chemical Science, Dublin City University, explains how our household waste contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

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Kelleher has been a Lecturer in environmental science in the School of Chemical Sciences in DCU since August 2005. He has also been a Postdoctoral Researcher with Dr. Andra Simpson in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences in the University of Toronto.

From July 2002 until February 2004, he was Postdoctoral Researcher with Prof. William Kingery, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, Mississippi State University, as well as Project Manager for an EPA (Ireland) funded research project from February 2001 to July 2002. Between 1997 and 2001 he carried out his PhD with Dr. Tom O'Dwyer, University of Limerick.

Carbon is essential for life and has many forms in nature. It cycles between air, water, soil, sediments and rocks and it is important to understand these processes if we are to use carbon wisely and predict change. Much of Kelleher's work involves the investigation of carbon in chemical and biological forms and how it changes when going from one medium to the next.

They study carbon in soil, water and coastal sediments. They also use their technical approaches to investigate subjects such as past environments on Earth, the search for extra-terrestrial life and recycling of waste. They have published over 70 research papers in these areas.