Jennifer Zamparelli chats to Laura Sherry, Head of Marketing and Communications at Repak, to discuss what we can and cannot recycle. Listen back above.

Repak data shows that since Team Green launched in 2018, the collective efforts of the public to recycle correctly has resulted in an increase of recycled plastic packaging tonnes by 22%, yet there is still a number of incorrect items being placed in recycling bins. These mistakes could impact Ireland reaching the EU 50% plastic recycling target by 2025.

According to the data, 75% of those surveyed believe that recycling correctly is the first step to driving environmental change in addition to avoiding single use plastics. However, 27% of Irish adults still believe that only rigid plastics can go in the recycling bin even though soft plastics were introduced into Ireland's recycling process over a year ago.

To clear things up, we're sharing Repak's top tips for recycling in Ireland in 2022.

What goes in the recycling bin?
All plastics, paper, cardboard, tins, cans and foil can be recycled. However, all materials must be CLEAN, DRY and LOOSE before being placed in the recycling bin.

  • Bread wrappers
  • Kitchen/ toilet roll outer wrap
  • Breakfast cereal bags
  • Plastic shopping/carrier bags
  • Frozen food bags
  • Cheese packs outer wrap
  • Baked goods/Confectionary outer wrappers
  • Crisp/cracker wrappers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Detergent/dishwasher bags
  • All pots, tubs and trays
  • Water/juice Bottles
  • Milk/cream Bottles
  • Yogurt pots
  • Chocolate/biscuit trays
  • Bottle/jar lids
  • Shampoo / liquid soap and gel bottles
  • Detergent/household cleaning bottles
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Envelopes & Letters
  • Juice Cartons
  • Egg Boxes
  • Brochures
  • Pet Food Cans & Trays
  • Soup / Sauce / Fruit Tins
  • Gift / Biscuit / Toiletry Tins
  • Sweet / Chocolate Tins
  • Tin Foil
  • Aluminium Trays
  • Beer Bottle Lids
  • Pizza - Your takeaway pizza box can go in the recycling bin, even if it has grease on it. But if there is any part of the box that is contaminated with food, tear it off and place it in the food waste bin.

What does NOT go in the recycling bin?
If you put the wrong items in your recycling bin, they will contaminate all your clean recyclables.

  • Glass - Please bring glass to your local bottle bank
  • Batteries - Please bring batteries to your local drop off point
  • Light bulbs - Please bring bulbs to your local drop off point
  • Nappies and wipes - Nappies and wipes must go in the general waste bin
  • Food waste - Always put food waste in the food waste bin
  • Garden waste - Always put garden waste in the food waste bin
  • Kitchen cloth and sponges - These should be placed in the general waste bin.
  • Textiles - Bring clothes and shoes to a charity shop or clothes bank
  • Butter foil - This should be placed in the general waste bin.
  • Electrical items - Please dispose of at your local WEEE collection point.
  • Matches - Once used, matches should be placed in the general waste bin.
  • Medical 'blister' packs - These should be placed in the general waste bin.
  • Pens - These should be placed in the general waste bin.
  • Toothpaste tubes - These are a mix of materials and should be placed in the general waste bin.

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