Jade Hayden, editor of Her.ie, joined Today with Claire Byrne to carry out the noble job of explaining 'the ick' to Claire, how you can get it and can you ever get over it?

The Sunday Times recently defined the ick as "being instantly turned off by something seemingly innocuous", which Jade agrees with.

"Icks are usually very specific and they don't really point towards someone being a bad person, or even that the relationship is even compatible. It's just kind of an everyday thing that's a bit cringe, that is like, a massive turn off."

Icks aren't huge dealbreaker moments we know in relationships, such as someone cheating on their partner. The key to icks is that they're ever so slightly irrational.

"The best example that I can come up with is if someone is running for the bus and they miss the bus, that is a massive ick that people chat about all the time." If that's not clear enough, Jade adds: "Just the fact that they're running is just a bit embarrassing!

"It doesn't necessarily have to be something that you haven't done yourself either, we talk about personal icks as well."

Another one is tying their shoe in a busy street, having to talk to someone's parents after a night out if they've brought you home.

For Claire, the icks that came up for her were "the way you hold your cutlery, perhaps you're out on a second date, how you might blow your nose. Unreasonable things that can really get under your skin."

But even Claire has a line, and Jade inadvertently crossed it when she said one of her icks is when someone's glasses steam up after walking into a warm room. "That's not their fault, Jade!" Claire laughed, while also wearing glasses.

"If you fancy someone, if you're attracted to them, and all of a sudden you see this little thing happening, you just have this moment where you're like, oh god, I don't know.

"Saying that, at the same time, if you're super into someone and these things happen, it probably isn't going to make a difference. I have a theory that the ick is very much truth that you're just not that into someone."

Jade adds that "icks are very low stakes", rather than the red flags that can signal to genuine problems in a relationship.

For the full list of icks, listen back to the full interview here.