Click through the gallery above to see the result of this week's garden.

Rejoice, garden lovers! RTÉ One's Super Garden returns to our screens tonight, with five new budding designers battling it out to secure a coveted show garden spot at Ireland's premier garden festival, Bord Bia's Bloom.

Viewers can expect to see a new home for the series, with the incredible gardens being planted in Riverside in Kells, a new social housing development built by Meath County Council.

Our five competitors will each be given an identical plot to create a show garden for the residents. They must do so in three short weeks on a budget of €15,000, which includes €5,000 for Irish grown planting.

The final results will be judged by judges Brian Burke, Monica Alvarez and Garry Graham, and the winner will secure a coveted show garden spot at Bloom.

Let's meet this week's designer and family...

Designer: Kathleen Barrett

As a Horticulturist working for Limerick City County Council, Kathleen has a wealth of gardening and landscaping experience to her name.

She’s worked in the business for 34 years, but she’s also an accomplished floral artist and has won awards for her floral art and design at Bloom, Chelsea and a world flower show in Jaipur, India.

Kathleen previously owned and ran her own small garden centre for 14 years, but as she was doing it on her own, she found it too much to keep up with that and an equine farm.

These days, she spends most of my time on her three-acre garden in Valley View with her husband Tommy, where she loves to farm, garden, and enjoy the company of her 10 horses, 19 donkeys, and five dogs.

Kathleen's Super Garden homeowners are the Majzel family from Poland. They want a garden with social area for chilling out, some plants, and specifically a dedicated area for their eight-year-old son Jacob who is very active.

Kathleen has two weeks to design and three weeks to build a garden that will give the Majzels what they’re looking for, plus impress the judges. With the help of her husband, Kathleen embarks on a brave design journey but can she bring home gold?


The Majzel family are originally from Poland but moved to Ireland in 2011. Dad Sebastian moved first to secure work before bringing his wife Barbara and two children – Alijca (now 19) and son Jacob (now eight). Now they’ve found a home in Riverside, Kells.

Having just moved to Riverside the family have undertaken some planting in their garden, but they are delighted to hand over the reins to Kathleen.

Garden Design: Floral Fantasy

Kathleen’s garden design uses straight pathways and angular shapes. Her flower bed on the left hosts colourful perennials and a floral art installation.

In the top left corner an open timber pergola provides the gardens key area for socialising. While at the rear, triangular raised-planters support floating benches. The lawn has been shrunk down to make way for more flowers and laurel hedging divides the garden in half.

For active son Jacob, Kathleen has designed a sunroom and if he wants to kick a ball against the wall – it will have to be through the water rill on the right. Blue colours adorn the walls and aim to give this garden a heavenly effect.

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Click through the gallery above to see the result of this week's garden.