Thanks to advances in technology, when the notion to sign up to a new dating service, weight-loss guide or movie membership takes us, our payment details can be handed over with just a few taps.

Within a few seconds we can find ourselves paying for an app that we may forget about just a few days later.

So, how many of these unused apps are living in your phone? And how much of a dent are they making to your bank account?

Fair City's Rebecca Grimes and DJ Thomas Crosse (better known as Crossy) decided to take control and ditch some of their costly subscriptions to find out just how much they could save. They joined Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ One to share the results - watch it back above.

Having found himself in a relationship back in August 2021, Crossy was shocked to discover that he was not only still signed up to two dating apps, but he was still being charged for the subscriptions.

He also discovered that he had signed up to multiple streaming services, which he says was a waste of money because there's only so much content he can watch in a month.

"I just decided enough was enough," Crossy told Claire. "I don't need these things anymore. You can't be watching all these things at the exact same time."

Similarly, Rebecca decided to cut down on her streaming services, but said that the biggest surprise had been the amount of money she was spending on storage apps.

"I was paying for an enormous amount of storage that I never needed and never used," she explained. "I had this fear that I wasn't going to have enough space so I was paying for massive space on iTunes and I was paying for massive space on Dropbox."

All in all, having ditched six apps each, Crossy saved a whopping €830 per year while Rebecca saved €720 per year.

Tech Editor Adrian Weckler joined the show to share his words of wisdom to those finding it tricky to get out of their subscriptions.

"When they're designing these apps, they have these dark patterns - also known as the roach motel method of designing the apps - and that is to make it extremely difficult for you to unsubscribe."

Although it may have only taken you just two clicks to sign up to an app, you may be forced to go through a rigmarole and various methods of communication to unsubscribe.

In America, a law is being introduced stating that users should be able to unsubscribe in the same method and with the same ease that they subscribed. Unfortunately, there's no sign of such a law being introduced to Ireland.

Another thing to be aware of is sign-up offers. While your first few months may have cost a few euro, those prices may hike up over time without you realising it.

"Consumer law here is incredibly weak on this score," says Adrian. "You might sign up for a promotional deal, maybe it's for a newspaper or a streaming service, and maybe it's €2.99 a month. After six months or 12 months, that goes up to €15 or €20. There's no law here that says they have to inform you about this."