You might have thought simply wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue was guaranteed to kick-start your wedded bliss but it seems that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning the perfect wedding.

Weddings, like all great milestones in life, are fraught with superstition and tradition.

So pick your favourites and observe as you feel fit, but most of all enjoy your big day!

1. Statues in the garden
The child of Prague has long been the trusty solution for many an Irish bride and groom. Tradition has it that if you stick a child of Prague statue outside the night before the big day the rain will stay away. While this, of course, does not guarantee anything, most people feel it prudent to stick one outside on the off chance it will make a difference –no one wants a soggy wedding dress.

2. Old, new, borrowed & blue
Something old, new, borrowed and blue, as the saying goes, are all talismans meant to ensure a successful marriage from the get-go. In days gone by something old was meant to ward off evil spirits, something new was a sign of the future, something borrowed was for luck and something blue showed loyalty to your future spouse. Now it’s just a great excuse to add something sentimental to your dress like something your own mother wore on her wedding day.

wedding traditions
Something old, new, borrowed and blue

3. Over the threshold
In American rom-coms, the groom is regularly seen carrying the bride over the threshold of their room after they tie the knot. The reason behind this, however, is not just because the bride is in bits from her stilettos. No, it is to ward off the evil spirits lurking below seeking to pounce on the new bride. However, others say the reason for this stems from ancient times and was designed to ensure that the chaste and pure maiden did not look too enthusiastic about her wedding night!

4. Ring finger
When the new spouses place the rings on each other they place it on the third finger on the left hand. There is a reason behind this it’s not just a coincidence that everyone seems to prefer this finger. In the past, it was believed that a vein in the finger led to the heart and so to ensure your spouse was closest to your heart it should be worn on that finger.

Exchanging Rings On Wedding Day
It was believed that a vein in the finger led to the heart

5. Late to the party
A late bride is often considered to be vital to the perfect day and lucky for the future of the union. Even brides who say they want to arrive on time are often urged to arrive even a minute or two late for luck. The reason the bride arrives late is actually nothing to do with fortune. The groom is meant to be there first to lead the bride into their future together. So the bride arriving late is really just to ensure that the groom has managed to get his act together in time!

6. A piece of cake
Many couples opt to keep the top tier of their wedding cake in their freezer for a year after they get married. Then on their first wedding anniversary, they defrost it and eat it together. As well as a means of celebrating a year of marriage, it’s also supposed to bring good luck for their future together.

Save the top tier of your wedding cake for the freezer!

7. Look away!
Not only should the groom not see his bride in her dress before the wedding but he also shouldn’t see her at all the night before the wedding, according to tradition. While you could be forgiven for suggesting that this may be down to simply not spoiling the surprise and increasing the excitement, there is another reason for this.

In historic times this was to prevent a change of mind. Marriages were arranged by families and the betrothed often never met before the wedding. Preventing them meeting was a means of ensuring that the deal went through and that a potential spouse didn’t do a runner if they didn’t like the look of their new partner.