With Valentine's Day around the corner, many of us are firmly in the romantic mood. For those of us without a date this year, it's a tough world out there – as last night's First Dates episode reminded everyone who tuned in.

If you've spent any time on Twitter today, you've probably heard a little about Kirsty and Aran, whose date had viewers tweeting in anger by the end of their meal.

It started off promising enough. Singleton soldier Aran, 23, from Dublin set off in search of a girlfriend after years of "enjoying being single". He was, he told producers, "looking for a moth", the highest form of commitment for a true blue Dub.

It wasn't a fellow Dubliner he was after, though, as he said he was looking for a "culchie". "I don't have a type per se, but I like nice legs, nice bum, nice teeth, nice eyes", he said.

Enter Kirsty, a 20-year-old accounting student from Dungarvan, Co. Waterford who has grown tired of the familiar dating pool in Dungarvan, and is ready for a long relationship. She was looking for someone easy-going and playful, who could take a slagging as much as they could give it.

In this sense, Aran seemed perfect. A self-confessed "messer" who joined the Army at 19, he said he never "put the head down" in school because there was no educational requirements to join.

He's excelled since joining, however: "I won Best Soldier and stuff like that, basically for having a positive vibe, a positive attitude, for helping people get through. And obviously, being a good soldier."

That positive attitude has taken him far, and it seems it'll take him far yet, as he told Kirsty about his aspirations to be a rapper. In his own words, "I've me fingers in all the pies".

"I woke up one morning and said, you know what, I'm actually going to be famous and make loads of money, and I said, I'm going to write a tune. And I'm actually pretty good at writing tunes.

"I need a girlfriend before I get too famous", he slyly told his date.

Bringing it back down to earth was the First Dates producer, who asked how he'd manage a relationship with a jet-setting career in music? "That's just going to come with the fame and fortune. I'll bring her with me."

Before long it was time to get the daters thoughts, and it started out promising as Aran told the cameras, "I thought she was a good-looking girl".

When pushed on whether or not he fancied her, however, he evaded answering for a while. "She's attractive... but she's not my type", he eventually said. "Someone can be attractive but not your type."

For Kirsty, however, Aran seemed to grow on her, though she still wasn't convinced he was totally sincere. "First off, I didn't think [I liked him], I was like, He's not really my type, just off the bat. But I think there's another date or two there", she said.

"I'm getting kind of F-boy vibes off him, [like] he just dates and ditches. I won't say cheater, that's a bit strong, but he's a flirt, like."

When time came to tell the cameras if they'd be up for a second date, Aran insisted Kirsty go first, setting off grimaces across the country as viewers anticipated what was coming next.

But to our shock, when Kirsty said she "wouldn't mind" another date, Aran grimaced himself and sheepishly said he would too – but not before Kirsty clocked his awkward behaviour.

"He does not seem sure, that's a no", she said. "You did not seem sure."

Despite Aran doubling down on his answer, it was left to the producer behind the camera to step in.

With Aran doubling down on his answer and Kirsty still – rightfully – unconvinced, there came a voice from behind the camera: "Is that what you said to me?"

Proving once again that the First Dates producers really are the soundest of us all.

"No", was Aran's eventual response. "I can't put my finger on it, I honestly can't."

As for Kirsty, she elaborated on why she'd said yes: "Just that he was out there. It wasn't an instant attraction, like I said, he wouldn't be my type straight away."

"I think I was right with my initial instinct with him, completely. I knew what he was like. I could tell straight away that he was full of sh*t, like. I knew that was absolute bullsh*t. That's what I mean, he was lying straight away, like. What does that say?"

Within minutes, Twitter was ablaze with comments from protective and infuriated viewers who applauded Kirsty's intuition and class, and calling out Aran for letting her answer first when he knew he wasn't interested.

Not only that, but Kirsty got at least one offer of a date from the ordeal: